About us

WHO: Segan Instruments is a top private label manufacturer specializing in Surgical, Dental, and Single use instruments. We supply high-quality medical tools globally, supporting major healthcare brands. For inquiries about their products, feel free to ask.

WHAT: We provide a diverse range of Surgical and Dental instruments manufactured in-house, adhering to rigorous international standards and regulations. Our products meet high-quality benchmarks, ensuring compliance and reliability for healthcare professionals.

WHERE: An international enterprise with a presence in various nations, we operate locally in Sialkot Pakistan.

WHEN: Segan Instruments operates globally, serving for over four decades.

WHY: Direct purchase from the manufacturer guarantees cost efficiency, reliability, customization options, and a secure supply chain.

Elevating Brands with Manufacturing Excellence

Design & QMS

In our manufacturing, we employ design, 3D modeling, prototyping, and the latest ERP systems. This guarantees compliance with QMS standards, emphasizing meticulous documentation—a critical aspect of our production process.

Forging to Finish

Internal processes, from die making and drop forging to shotblasting and annealing, ensure precise parametric control, underscoring our commitment to in-house quality across the production spectrum.

Machining Technologies

Segan Instruments employs an array of advanced machinery, including CNC milling and lathes, Swiss lathes, drillings, EDMs, wire cuts, conventional machines, and vacuum hardness furnaces in our comprehensive manufacturing processes.

Surface Finishings

Within our manufacturing facility, we execute a range of processes, including electroplating, electropolishing, passivation, coatings, as well as grindings and polishings. Our comprehensive capabilities ensure meticulous attention to detail.

Laser Technologies

Leveraging cutting-edge laser technologies, Segan Instruments incorporates laser cutting, welding, and marking as integral components in our manufacturing process, ensuring precision and innovation in the production of instruments.

Kit Packing

Through our international facility, Segan Instruments provides sterile instruments in single or kit/blister packaging. Our services include EO sterilization and ISO Class 7 cleanroom packing, ensuring quality and safety.

Regulatory Approvals

Segan Instruments manufacturing facility adheres to ISO 13485,CE & CFDA. Additionally, our unit and offices maintain diverse local approvals, underscoring our commitment to regulatory compliance.

Leverage our strength

At Segan Instruments, where a team of dedicated professionals collaborates within an expansive facility, the manufacturing output is substantial and continues to grow annually.

Ethical Manufacturing

Segan Instruments brand  guaranteeing ethical practices and social accountability within its manufacturing facility, emphasizing a commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

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